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Up-to-Date Tracking

Learner Progress Tracking in 'Real Time'

Quality Assure Without Internet

Carry out Quality Assurance anywhere, even without an Internet connection. The Intelligent Portfolio synchronises when next online.

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Quick, Easy and Accurate Sampling

Select Unit to Sample, Select Criteria,

Select Evidence from list, and View.

Make notes whilst Viewing


Learner Page

Clear display of Learner Details, Registration Details, Progress,

Portfolio Documents.

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Quality Assurance made Simple

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"The Intelligent Portfolio is a very good tool for Assessing Learners

Quality Assurance Processes".


 Edward Bower EQA CSkills Awards.

"Sampling Evidence and creating

Reports is quick and easy using the Intelligent Portfolio."


Lead IQA, College, Surrey.

RAG Traffic Light Alerts

Instantly identify problems with the Red, Amber and Green Bar Alerts.

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Unique 'Time Stamp' Feature

When sampling Video or Audio Evidence click on the time to skip to selected portion of Evidence.

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